Foam Recycling in Thomaston, GA

Location: 2260 Delray road Thomaston, GA 30286
Hours: 24 hours, Monday-Sunday
What they accept: Clean food packaging, transportation packaging

About: Residents of Thomaston, GA and surrounding areas are able to recycle their polystyrene foam products more conveniently thanks to Dart Container Corporation. The plastics manufacturer offers a foam recycling drop-off center for local individuals, schools, and businesses.

Dart Container sets the industry standard of excellence by manufacturing high quality, affordable, and safe foodservice packaging made from bagasse (sugar cane), paper, and plastic (PET 1, PP 5, EPS 6, and PS6) while offering exceptionally reliable service and responsible environmental practices at the same time. Their portfolio of products offers a variety of positive environmental attributes for our customers to consider for their packaging needs. Dart is also working to boost recovery rates of all the products they manufacture and is widely recognized as the industry leader in creating and promoting recycling opportunities for EPS foam #6.