The Foam Recycling Coaltion offers grants on a rolling basis for entities looking to implement or expand upon foam recycling operations. Take a look to see if your organization qualifies to apply. You could receive up to $50,000 to purchase foam recycling equipment and pay for associated program costs. For more information on maximizing landfill diversion through foam recycling, check out these foam recycling guides from The Association of Plastic Recyclers or Home for Foam.


If your organization is considering a foam recycling program, take a few minutes to educate yourself about the foam recycling equipment that will help your operation run smoothly. Foam densifiers, which are used to compact foam for recycling, cost as little at $18,000. Learn more about foam recycling equipment.

Foam Buyers

Post-consumer and post-industrial foam #6 is in demand due to its lower cost when compared to creating polystyrene from virgin materials. Recyclers sell foam #6 in densified or pelletized form to brokers and reclaimers who use the material to make new products including picture frames and crown molding. View a list of buyers.

Take Action

Post-consumer foam #6 is being recycled across the nation every day, and it could be happening in your communty! Cities with foam #6 recycling programs can generate recycling revenue, reduce landfill waste and fees, and offer a valuable service to citizens. Work with your local municipality or waste management vendor to bring foam recycling to your community.

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