Continued Green Move-In Recycling Drive Aims for Sustainability

Davis, Calif. (October 21, 2015) – The green freshman move-in day at the University of California Davis remains as a successful and eco-friendly tradition. Marking its sixth year of holding a move-in recycling drive, the university collected half a truckload of foam packaging; creating new heights for the future of recycling. In addition, last year UC Davis collected nearly 500 pounds of foam food containers.

“We always make sure to take any opportunity to educate our students in the importance of environmental responsibility, including recycling, and are once again glad to see the students participating,” said Jenni Porter, sustainability coordinator for UCD Student Housing. - Davis Enterprise

This recycling initiative is all made possible with a partnership from Dart Container Corporation. Dart collected the foam, transferred, and then recycled the products at their Lodi facility (California). Once the foam is compressed and processed, the manufacturers will use the recycled material to create premium picture frames. See this process firsthand by watching this video.

In a press release from Dart Container, Michael Westerfield, Director of Recycling at Dart, applauds the students’ motivation in advocating foam recycling.

“We are once again proud to partner with UC Davis to increase efforts and awareness about recycling,” said Westerfield. “It is impressive to see students taking action to recycle products that many people don’t realize are recyclable – like foam packaging.”

UC Davis is also proud of their students as recycling remains a top priority on campus. Additionally during the move-in drive, the school collected 11,440 pounds of cardboard which was sent to Recycling Industries in Sacramento for processing.

“Obviously, we take sustainable practices very seriously on our campus. This move in weekend and recycling drive is just another important step towards fulfilling the University’s zero waste goals,” said Porter. “We are thankful to Dart Container Corporation for helping us make our campus a leader in sustainability efforts.”

Most foam #6 products can be identified by the resin identification code stamped on the material. Foam is often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam®, which is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company for extruded polystyrene foam made for thermal insulation and craft applications. The types of foam products that are accepted can vary between processing facilities. Check with your recycling facility to confirm the types of polystyrene that are accepted. Learn more about the different types of foam #6. To find a recycling location near you please visit our interactive map.

Read Dart Container’s press release.

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