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Foam Recycling

More than 500 foam recycling programs currently exist in North America, and access to programs is growing.

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Polystyrene foam products, often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam® - a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical, improve our quality of life in countless ways and can be given a second life through foam recycling. Foam #6 is a thermoplastic and can be recycled more than once!

Did you Know?

Foam #6 Plastics Recycling Bin

More than 118 million pounds for foam #6 were recycled in 2016.

*EPS Industry Alliance (2016), 2016 EPS Recycling Rate Report

Recycling Truck Illustration

A 48-foot truckload of loose foam #6 products weighs only around 1,000 pounds. When foam is densified, the same truck can hold 40,000 pounds of foam.

*Keep America Beautiful (2018). I Want to Be Recycled. Foam.

Assuming a $0.20 value per pound, a truckload of densified foam is worth $8,000.