Waste Sleuth Investigates Foam Recycling

What does it take to turn a simple foam cup into a new product through recycling? Todd Sutton, also known as the Waste Sleuth, investigates in a new video released by Dart Container Corporation and Moore Recycling. 

In the video, Todd starts with a foam cup and finds what processes it goes through to become a new product like a picture frame. Also in the video, Todd learns how practical it is for materials recovery facilities (MRFs) to implement a polystyrene recycling program. While seeing two examples of organizations in California that are already separating and recycling both foam EPS and rigid EPS for different organizations, Todd learns how the densification process works. 

During his visit to Dart Container’s facility in Corona, CA, Todd sees the reclamation process first hand. In that facility, the recycled blocks are repurposed into feedstock for companies that utilize recycled polystyrene. Todd interviews one such company, NEPCO Moulding in Pomona, CA and learns how polystyrene is transformed into moulding for homes around the country and the need they have for even more polystyrene to be recycled. 

If your community is interested in recycling foam, Home For Foam can help. We have support for both community governments and local businesses that want to recycle polystyrene. Also, find your nearest polystyrene drop off location on our map here. 

Check out Todd’s investigation above.