Rhode Island Gets New Recycling Location

From coast to coast, more and more cities around the United States are beginning to recycle polystyrene foam products in their communities. Some places do it by offering drop-off locations and some do it by collecting foam in their curbside recycling. One company in Rhode Island has expanded the reach of foam recycling by offering a new drop-off location available to residents throughout the state.

Since the beginning of June, residents throughout Rhode Island have been taking their polystyrene to the Central Landfill. The landfill is operated by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation and they accept two common types of foam: foodservice products and packaging foam.

The facility is utilizing a partnership with Dart Container Corporation to pick up and recycle the foam that is collected by the RIRRC. Dart picks up the foam that is collected by the RIRRC and takes it to one of its facilities to be recycled.

Once the foam is picked up and taken to a recycling facility it is broken down and turned into feedstock for manufacturing companies around the world. The foam is sorted and then put into a machine called a densifier, that melts down the foam and creates solid blocks of condensed foam EPS. These blocks are more efficient in their volume and weight and can then be better shipped to facilities where they produce things like park benches, surf boards and picture frames.

Rhode Island is just one of many states that you can find on our foam recycling map. Check it out to find a location near you!

Want to get your city or business recycling foam? We have information on our website that can help you purchase all of the materials you need to begin a foam recycling process in your community.