Pilot Foam Recycling Program Hits Madison County in New York

Madison County in the state of New York, has just begun a pilot foam recycling program that will run from December 29, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Individuals who wish to recycle their foam can bring the material in clear plastic bags to the landfill on Buyea Road, across from the ReUse store. All tape and other labels must be removed. From there, the Department of Solid Waste will collect the foam and bring to an appropriate foam buyer to densify the foam.

“Styrofoam is quite valuable when properly prepared for recycling,” said James Zecca, Director of the Department of Solid Waste, in the Madison County Courier.

The EPS foam will be accepted during regular operating hours, which are Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. After the pilot project ends in June, the solid waste staff will determine if foam recycling will remain in Madison County. According to Zecca the pilot program will also help the county determine if they should invest in a densifier of their own.

Younkers is another city located in Upstate New York where residents make foam recycling a priority. The city launched their foam recycling program back in October 2014, and it has been very successful collecting and recycling the foam. Within this program foam egg cartons, take-out containers, foam packaging, and other products with the #6 label are accepted. The polystyrene collected by the city is picked up by the Dart Container Corporation and shipped to their recycling facility in Leola, Pennsylvania.

“Improving the environment is a job that’s never done. That’s why expanding our recycling program to include polystyrene foam is so important to us. These products–things we see and use every day in the form of egg cartons and take-out containers– can easily be recycled into crown moldings, picture frames, scotch tape dispensers, and a host of other items. It’s just a logical, forward-thinking move to recycle foam in our city,” said Mayor Mike Spano.

Due to the fact that cities with foam #6 recycling programs generate recycling revenue, reduce landfill waste and associated fees, and offer a valuable service to citizens, many city governments are creating foam recycling programs. Learn how your city can start a foam #6 recycling program!

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