More Foam Drop-off Locations Added in the United States

Demand for Foam Grows, More Foam Drop-off Locations Added in the United States

The market for polystyrene foam in industries continues to grow, as the material is economically feasible for many small businesses and restaurant owners. As the demand for foam rises, polystyrene recycling programs have been established to divert these products from landfills and recycled into new products. Communities around the nation are continually implementing new foam recycling events and programs in their communities, providing individuals excellent opportunities to recycle their foam materials.

Recently, two new foam drop-off locations have opened up in Florida and in Texas. Learn more about these locations below!

City of Deerfield Beach Florida Drop-Off Recycling Center

The Deerfield Beach Drop-off Recycling Center, located at 401 SW 4th Street Deerfield Beach in Florida, is a recycling center open to residents and non-residents of Deerfield Beach. Upon the requests from Deerfield residents, the center has launched a pilot polystyrene recycling drop-off program. Within this new program, individuals are able to recycle their foam products for free. The center has partnered with Dart Container and Edge Recycling to make this recycling program happen. 

“The City of Deerfield Beach is delighted to partner with Edge and Dart to provide this opportunity to recycle Styrofoam at our recycling drop-off center,” said Debra Shaw, Zero Waste Coordinator for the city of Deerfield. “Styrofoam is one of the most requested items for recycling here and we are so happy to be able to accept and recycle it!”

The hours to drop-off foam are from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. The owner of Edge Recycling in Fort Lauderdale will pick up the foam once per week. In order to recycle your products, the foam most be rinsed or wiped and have the #6 EPS recycling symbol on it. All straws or lids must be removed upon recycling, and small pieces of foam can be deposited in a clear or translucent bag. Unfortunately, no foam peanuts are accepted. Learn more about this new program!

Dart Container Opens Dallas Drop-off in Dallas

Dart Container has opened a Dallas foam drop-off site located at 4444 W. Ledbetter Dr. The free drop-off location accepts a wide variety of recyclable foam, including cups, egg cartons, meat trays, ice chests and packaging that is frequently used to protect electronics during shipping.

“We hope that this new and free recycling drop-off facility will encourage Dallas residents to recycle foam materials they may otherwise throw away,” says Michael Westerfield of Dart Container.

The new facility marks as one of more than 85 drop-offs Dart has facilitated in North America. Once the foam is recycled it is created into new products, including picture frames, baseboards and crown moulding.

Are you interested in recycling polystyrene foam in your community? Check out these recycling tips that explain the foam recycling process. The process is seamless, and can leverage a city’s existing curbside recycling infrastructure. Find out how you can launch your own foam recycling program in your business or community today.