EPS Recycling Continues To Grow

As technology and public education continue to improve, foam recycling continues to grow throughout the United States. The EPS Industry Alliance published their annual Foam Recycling Rate report and the results could not be better for communities and businesses looking to recycle polystyrene. The EPS-IA reported that in 2013, there was a 34% increase in foam recycling over the previous year.

In the report, the EPS-IA reported a total of 127 million pounds of foam that was recycled in communities. This total represents a new high for recycled polystyrene in the United States since the EPS-IA has begun monitoring recycling rates in 1991. The polystyrene recycling is from over 72 Million pounds of recycled post-consumer EPS and 55 Million pounds of post-industrial EPS.

The increase is tied to advancing education within businesses and communities. The EPS-IA and others are working to change the misconception that foam is not recyclable. There are success stories from communities around the country, places like Winnetka, New York and Arlington that have effectively implemented foam-recycling drop off programs. Businesses like Chik-Fil-A, Wal-Mart and more are offering even more ways to cut down on both their own polystyrene waste and their customers.

Foam recycling continues to grow throughout the country. Cities and businesses are looking to expand their efforts with new technologies and new commitments to recycling. If your business or community is interested in recycling foam, Home for Foam can help. We have resources for local governments and for businesses that are interested in recycling their EPS.

To read the complete EPS-IA report visit their website at epsindustry.org/