Company Shows Rapid Growth of Polystyrene Output

Businesses around the country continue to see the rewards of recycling polystyrene in their communities. Businesses are increasingly utilizing recycled polystyrene to create products because it is cheaper and easier to use than virgin products. The FPI has shown that the market for recycled polystyrene will increase by 8% by 2016.

A New Mexico company is showing first hand the impact that recycled foam has on the bottom line for companies. Recently, Governor Susana Martinez visited MCS, a company that produces frames for artwork from recycled polystyrene. The company received state grants and funding to help keep the business in the local area and expand their facilities to support the increased output of their business.

MCS is not the only company that is growing by utilizing recycled polystyrene. NEPCO was recently featured in a video from The Waste Sleuth, showing off how the recycled polystyrene was being utilized. In the video, representatives from NEPCO State, “The only thing that is inhibiting more growth is the supply. We could use five times more material.”

Getting that material is key, and will require both public and private partnerships to succeed. Businesses and communities are continuing to work together to recycle foam effectively.

There are companies around the world buying recycled polystyrene to use as feedstock for production in their plants. We have a collection of foam buyers from five countries and 19 states that need recycled foam immediately. If your community is interested in recycling foam, check out our website and learn how you can get started today.

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