Recycling In Action


  • Foam Recycling at Aflac

    Foam #6 cup recycling programs are available for any restaurant or other business that produces foam cup waste. This video from Aflac follows two foam cups through the recycling process, from collection of post-consumer foam to the manufacture of new plastic products.

  • Recycling Foam in Cities

    Cities can use their existing curbside infrastructure to recycle foam #6 packaging materials and food service products. See how foam recycling can be implemented at the curbside, and get a behind-the-scenes look as foam products are sorted and densified at a materials recovery facility (MRF).
  • Foam Tray Recycling at Westwood Elementary

    Westwood Elementary School in Stockton, California launched a successful foam lunch tray recycling program with input from students, teachers and the custodial staff. Through foam tray recycling, the school has reduced its cafeteria waste and trash collection fees by 20%. Plus, recycling has taught the students cooperation, problem-solving and environmental responsibility.