Recycling In Action


  • Agilyx adds foam densifier

    Agilyx Corp., Tigard, Oregon, says it has received a $50,000 grant from the Foam Recycling Coalition, Falls Church, Virginia, to purchase a densifier, allowing for more recycling of polystyrene foam.

    The Oregon-based energy company recently expanded to include polystyrene conversion. The process uses recycled polystyrene to produce a styrene monomer and other petrochemical products, creating the first true circular economy for styrene, the Foam Recycling Coalition says.

  • Three Cities Add Foodservice Packaging to Curbside Recycling Programs

    Washington, D.C., Chattanooga, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky are part of a growing number of cities recycling foodservice packaging at the curb. A combined 460,000 households in these three cities can recycle take-out packaging like paper and plastic cups, containers, pizza and sandwich boxes, and paper bags in their curbside carts and bins, thanks in part to the Foodservice Packaging Institute.

  • East Lansing receives grants to improve recycling program

    The City of East Lansing received more than $18,000 in grants from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to further its recycling programs. 

    A recycling infrastructure grant gave the city $14,760, and with additional funds from the city, around $20,000 will be spent to improve infrastructure, Environmental Services Administrator Cathy DeShambo said.